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Pantera Shopping Checklist

I. Engine: 351C 4BBL
A. 1971
1)10.7:1 compression
2) 2 bolt main
B. 1972 1) 8.6:1 compression
2) 4 bolt main (Vin numbers 2150-4850)
C. 1 972-L to present 1) 8.0:1 compression
2) 2 bolt main
1) Oil leaks
2) Water in the oil
3) Noises/parts missing
4) Accelerator cable fraying at the tube inlet
5) Compression
6) Distributor
a. 1971 - single point b. all others dual point
7) Smog equipment

A. Radiator
B. Hose and Pipe condition
C. Pressure/surplus tank condition
D. Radiator thermostats/fans (1971 2nd fan manual)

III. Transmission
A. 1971 - .805:1 top gear
B. 1972on- .756:1 top gear

C. Check for:
1. Noise
2. Leaks
3. Clutch
4. Clutch M/C & S/C leaks

IV. Driveline
A. Rear axle bearings and hub assemblies
B. Rear CV joints
C. Lower Shafts

V. Brakes
A. Leaks in M/C, lines or calipers
B. Vented or solid rotors
C. Stock or aftermarket calipers
D. Emergency brake

VI. Fuel tank
A. Aluminum (early) Check for cracks/leaks
B. Steel Check for rust/leaks
C. S/S best

VII. Suspension
A. Bushings
B. Springs/shocks
C. Ball joints ($129 each)
D. Rear upper control arm

A. Stock or rotory
B. Lines
C. Fan

IX. Interior
A. Gauges
B. Upholstry
C. Turn signal
D. Flasher switch
E. Shift lever wear from shift gate
F. Power window motors
G. Power headlight motors
H. Wiper motor

X. Body
A. Check for unusual frame welds indicating collision repair
B. Check for body ripples indicating collision repair
C. Check for "Stevadore" dents in top of front fenders
1. Check beneath radiator
2. Check floor pan
3. Check under battery
4. Check windshield pillars
5. Check rocker panels
6. Check body for bondo indicating collision or rust repair
7. Check rear inner fenders around shock towers
8. Check rear fenders with frame junction around axle
9. Check frame junction with body panel at rear of car
10. Check frame junction with rear crossmember
11. In total check for RUST EVERYWHERE!

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