I took a trip to Los Angeles last Tuesday.  It was a simple day trip for the company I work for.  Get in, take care of business, and get out.  Simple.  Ignoring the fact I had to get up before 0400 to catch my plane, and that my stomach didn’t settle down until 1000, I had a very productive and friendly day.

It really started to get good when I was picked up at the airport by the Enterprise shuttle.  Enterprise rents cars.  You’ve probably seen their ads on television talking about pick-up and drop off, making renting a car even easier.  At an airport, it’s a little different, as the rental car companies usually pick up several people and take them to the rental lot.  Now, why I am writing about these folks?  It’s because they were sharp, friendly, and took care of me, and the other folks there, with a smile and super service.

It was a new experience for me as well.  Usually, with those other rental car companies, you sign your contract and they hand you a set of keys.  Thank you, now go find your car in the parking lot, it’s out there somewhere, and make sure you top off the tank before coming back.  Not so here.  After driving past all the other rental car companies, our shuttle took a short trip past other businesses and down what could have been mistaken for a wide alley.  There it was, a modest rental lot.  It was off the beaten path, but it was clean and had nice shiny cars.  I needed a car.

Once inside, the counter personnel were great.  Small chit-chat was on order as the agent took my information, verified my license, and typed in the contract.  When he was done, he pointed me toward the door leading to a garage, except he didn’t hand me any paperwork.  Hmm, okay, I’ll just keep following directions.

So I go through the door and find myself in a huge steel structure, that serves as the customer staging area.  Several Enterprise employees, dressed as if they were headed to a business meeting, come out one at a time with a clipboard, and a contract.  Each one is a personal aid to the customer.  They call out a name, and if it’s you, it’s your turn.  They take you through details of the contract, and find your car for you, in the garage.  If your car is not ready yet, they find out where it is, and make sure it’s coming soon.

You and the agent go over the car for any imperfections, problems, questions about how things work.  He or she makes notes on the contract, ask more questions and then hands you the clipboard with the contract on it for signatures and initials.  They make sure you have enough maps, and in my case, the agent even took the time to help with directions to find where I was going.  And it’s all done in the garage, out of the bright sunlight, rain or wind.

The whole experience was so soothing and comfortable.  The employees were well groomed, and if I might be so bold, darn good looking.  If I have to rent in LA again, I want it to be from Enterprise.  So here is an Asa Jay big Thumbs-Up to the crew at the LAX Enterprise rent-a-car. . . Great Job!

Asa Jay

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  1. greg says:

    Dear Jay,
    We are cracking up. I had to rent a car at Enterprise rather suddenly as my car broke down and all I could notice was that all four of the guys behind the counter were very handsome and well dressed–they all look like they had just come off of a modeling shoot. One was better looking than the next…. this being san francisco, I mentioned it to my friend who told me that all the counter guys are really hot because the head of hiring (in LA?) is gay. We did not believe him until we read your blog about your experience so maybve my friend is right? Either way, it was a great experience as well.

  2. Asa Jay says:

    I don’t know if your friend is right, but at the LA location there were just as many smokin’ hot women working, as men. And I didn’t pay much attention to the men. ๐Ÿ™‚

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