It’s March 2014.  The First Lady, her daughters and her mother have just landed in China, basically for vacation.  Oh some will say it was for “soft diplomatic relations” but we all know it’s Spring Break for the kids and the First Lady had to get away from the resident in the White House.  Just how many vacations does this family need?  Just how much is this costing the taxpayer?  As Mel Brooks so aptly put it years ago:  “It’s good to be the king!”

The first black President to ever be elected to the highest position in the executive branch of the United States of America government.  It was a grand time in which barriers would be broken down, races would be equalized and bi-partisanship would rule.  Now one year into a second term this resident of the White House continues to illustrate the cultural background which defines him and those like him, and those -who- like him.  It’s all about the Entitlements.

This shameful President has spent more tax dollars gallivanting about on vacations than any other President in the past.  Sure, inflation might account for that, but to this degree?  How many vacations does this family need in a year?  Well, as of February 2012, Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner listed 16 vacations taken by the First Family, whether together or separately, using taxpayer money to fly to exotic and domestic locations:

— President’s Day 2012, Michelle and the first daughters in Aspen, Colorado to ski.
— Christmas 2011, the first family in Hawaii for an extended vacation.
— Summer 2011, in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., for the annual beach break.
— June 2011, the first lady, her mother and daughters traveled to South Africa and Botswana.
— President’s Day 2011, the first lady and first daughters travel to Vail to ski.
— Christmas 2010, in Hawaii.
— August 2010, the first family traveled to Panama City Beach, Fla., for some sun and fun at the beach.
— August 2010, Obama spent the weekend alone in Chicago for his 49th birthday bash.
— August 2010, the first lady and daughter Sasha traveled to Spain for a mother-daughter vacation.
— August 2010, summer vacation again at Martha’s Vineyard.
— July 2010, the first family went to Mount Desert Island, Maine.
— May 2010, the first family had a four-day trip to Chicago.
— March 2010, first lady and daughter spend Spring Break in New York City.
— Christmas 2009, Hawaii again for the annual break.
— August 2009, at Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon for a short vacation.
— August 2009, their first summer vacation as first family at Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

For those who failed to graduate elementary school, that’s an average of four vacations per year up to that point.  But just look at the list, eight alone were in 2010.  Did this resident of the White House even -work- that year?  And how often does he really have to go to Hawaii?  Most families would be happy with just -one- trip in a -lifetime-.  He takes one every year.   Not only that, he sends his wife and kids away on overseas vacations without himself.  A vacation for mom and the daughters in Spain; 2010.  June 2011, just the girls to South Africa, and again in 2011 just the women to Vail.  Wow, the President of the United States of America sending his wife and daughters on several vacations on their own.  Just how does that illustrate good family values?

Doesn’t this action by the sitting resident only support the stereotypical culture from which he comes?  It’s like he doesn’t really want to be a father, or even a husband, send the wife and daughters away regularly, and at our expense.  Women are only something for his own personal satisfaction and they get in the way when he’s trying to do his “man” thing.  I’m sure he loves his wife and daughters, err… maybe I’m not -that- sure.  How about his trip to go golfing with Tiger Woods in February of 2013?  Maybe he was consoling his buddy for getting caught in adultery and reminding him how it’s supposed to be done.  Hey, it’s all just another entitlement, right?

Being President is not a right, it’s a privilege.  It takes willing personal sacrifice and if you are married with kids, they need to understand the sacrifice and live through it with you, not be traipsing off to exotic locations because they think it’s an entitlement of your job or you think they are getting in the way.  Vacations of the nature this sitting resident is taking should come out of his own pocket, not ours, especially if he doesn’t even take them with his wife and daughters.  Just what does it cost to take all those vacations anyway?

How about over seven million dollars in 2013 alone, just for three trips?  Yes, that’s what Judicial Watch found out via a lawsuit.  Honestly, that’s money that could have been better spent, period.  Imagine seven million just for three trips in one year, no multiply that by the five years he’s been in.  That’s $35,000,000 of taxpayer money.  Well, I guess that’s only a drop in the bucket when you consider he’s nearly tripled the national deficit. What does this really show us though?

This shows how much this resident really believes in “Entitlements.”  By his actions, he sincerely believes he is king, that he is “entitled” to take as many vacations as he wants; to use our government and military assets as he pleases to enjoy his elected “mandate.”  By his actions he illustrates the problematic mentality of the culture he purports to represent; the culture of entitlement.  He shows us a culture of “me,” it’s all about “me.”  It doesn’t matter how hard anyone else has worked to make a living, this resident shows the nation his view of how “money belongs to other people;” it’s his way of “equalizing” the playing field; of taking from the rich, but not giving to the poor.

I’ve said it here before, this is a simple abuse of power, abuse of taxpayer money and abuse of executive privilege.  This President should be fired.

Save the taxpayers money, reduce the deficit.
Asa Jay for President

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