This dissertation is going to sound disjointed.  There are some statements that will be taken out of context, mostly because I don’t want to spend the time building context for each of them as they may be tangential to the argument I’m making here and distract me.  My apologies.  Perhaps I can expound upon those things later.  For now, this is simply how the ramblings are pouring out of my head.

I am so tired of generally being a Constitutional conservative and “labeled” as waging a war on women.  Really?  I’m being told by those liberal fascists on the left that my political views include believing every woman should be in the home, happily married and bearing children while running around barefoot and constantly pregnant; that no woman should work and heaven forbid they shouldn’t be paid the same as men.  I’m told my views includes wanting women out of the military, out of Congress, and that only men should have a say if a woman can have an abortion or not.  I’m labeled as believing women are only to be subservient to men.

When those same “labelers” hear a man say they “love women,” those “labelers” hear “I love women, I think every man should own one.”  I just want to scream SHUT THE HELL UP, because they seem to have an irrational concept of reality on this subject, being taken in by repeated lies and propaganda that would paint me as a devil.  Perhaps it’s time I clarified myself for my own sake and the women I happily work with, work for, live with and believe in.

There are forces in society that would work to reshape the world in their own vision given the opportunity to change the dialogue even if that dialogue were untrue.  This includes people who wish to suppress my voice simply because they don’t agree with me.  It’s an interesting paradigm where one person believes everyone should have the right to speak out… unless the view doesn’t align with their own.  That is nearly the exact thing I perceive the greater “feminist” movement to have stirred.

Do I believe a women’s movement was necessary?  In some ways yes, I believe the voice of women was suppressed and needing to be heard.  But what feminism has grown into is not what many women need and in many ways may be hurting the entire equalization of the sexes.  Today, a feminist can be verbally abusive to another woman who has more desire to stay at home and raise children rather than work a 50 hour week and be the primary bread winner.  Is that really necessary?

Isn’t it a woman’s right to decide how she wishes to live her life?  If she wishes to make a career with her life, join the military, or find a husband to help her raise children while she stays at home, what difference should it make if the woman is “living her dream?”  So why is it so many women get down on others who wish to live a life different than theirs?  And why is that I’m accused of waging a war on women because I support them in their dreams?

I love women.  I firmly believe that a woman is the missing link to happiness in this world and why God gave us women.  But that doesn’t mean I think they should all be married and submissive.  I don’t believe God gave us women to be our slaves.  Many non-religious people see Christians and tell us “the Bible says women have to submit to their husbands,” and they use that to accuse religious men of stifling women’s rights.  Ah yes, here it is:

Colossians 3:18, “Wives, submit to your husbands, as if fitting in the Lord.”


What they fail to understand because they’ve never read the Bible is that men are also instructed to love their wives, in the very next verse:

Colossians 3:19, “Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them.”


Sh0cking?  Probably to a liberal progressive or atheist who doesn’t understand the Bible and never will.  To -real- men, it’s not shocking at all, it’s how we live our lives.  Marriage is a partnership of two souls, loving and submitting to one another.  But let’s get back to empowered women in general, we’ll come back to the “wives” part later.

All throughout my primary education, I was exposed to some very strong, very intelligent women.  I gained a lot of respect for these women who knew so much and were flexible in so many ways to help educate a large cross section of students.  Some of the strongest women I’ve known have been teachers.  And I don’t mean strong as in human muscular ability, but in mental capacity, reasoning, intelligence and compassion.  Later I was exposed to women in management positions at work; again finding strength of character and fully capable of leading groups of people.

In basic military training my Training Instructor was female, and believe me you didn’t mess with her.  She didn’t take crap from anyone; she knew her job and did it well.  Today I’m still surrounded by women in management positions; I work with them nearly every day and they are good at what they do.  I also work with women in engineering, accounting, purchasing and administrative positions.  They all do a great job and they get paid well for it.  I respect them and they respect me, it’s never demanded, never expected; it’s because I do my best to treat them as an equal, as a teammate, not a servant.  I don’t for a minute think they should quit their jobs and rush home to be barefoot and pregnant.  But I know another demographic that does; the Islamic culture.

Have you heard how men in the Islamic world can take up to four wives?  Have you read the stories about how women seem to be gang raped at an ever increasing rate in the middle east?  do you understand the wide division between the “have’s” and the “have not’s” in the Islamic world?  Those who have the money are able to take on multiple wives, but those who don’t have riches might be stuck out in the cold with no wife at all.

What happens when enough men who are too poor to afford a wife (according to cultural norms) get together?  Most of us probably think those young men just want to kill Americans; however, an interesting article in Human Events recently explored this possibility under the title Is polygamy the cause of Muslim violence?  In it, William Tucker surmises:

In any human society there are approximately the same number of men and women. Under monogamy, which limits each man to one wife, everyone gets a fair chance to marry. When powerful and successful men are allowed to take more than one wife, however, as they are in a polygamous society, this creates a pool of unsuccessful men at the bottom of society who are constantly in conflict with the system.

The history of Islam has been one continuous story of rebel groups off in the desert and deciding that the religion being practiced by the authorities and their harems back in the cities is not the “true Islam.” They come crashing back upon the palaces, overthrowing the leaders (no Ottoman Sultan ever died of natural causes) and establishing a new regime that is just like the old one, where powerful are allowed to take multiple wives.

I think that sums it up pretty well.  But why bring that up?  The astute among you, especially those of the female persuasion will note something profound in there.  The Islamic world (or rather the rebellious Islamists, radical Islamists, fundamental Islamists) simply want to subjugate women; taking as many as they can for themselves.  They are the ones trying to overthrow the world and control it the way -they- want to, which is to essentially say the way it’s currently controlled by Islamists already in power but just not -them-.  They want to be the ones with all the wives.  And this should scare you.

I’m waging a war on women?  Get over yourself, focus on what those radical Islamists want to do to you.  I’m all for letting a woman have a job she’s qualified for and paying her a competent wage.  I’m all for women in the military if they can pass all the same stringent physical requirements necessary to do the job and survive in the situations they will be called to take on.  I’m all for being supportive in the right situations.  What has to stop is the emasculation of men to the eventual detriment of women.  What do I mean by that?

Another recent article reversed the paradigm for a moment in The War On Men: 10 Ways Masculinity is Under Attack.  For sake of brevity I’d like to point out the following from that list:

  • 3) Degradation of Positive Masculine Role Models
  • 4) Metrosexual Malaise
  • 5) Cultural Marxism
  • 7) The “Privilege” Trap
  • 9) Masculinity as a Dirty Word

You’ll have to go and read the article for yourself as it already says much of what I would.  The above five points from the 10 point article relate to one another in that they speak to a second wave of feminism creating an oppression against the atypical male stereotype.  Men are being degraded on television in two ways; either as overly aggressive or as an unintelligent oaf.  Men are being portrayed as confused about their sexuality and we are being told that’s a normative behavior today.  And in my opinion the author hits it on the head in number 5, the driving of cultural Marxism into our society that will eventually emasculate the men putting women in a worse position than they are today.  Think about it.

When the feminist and cultural Marxist revolutions have been won, men won’t be men anymore.  The radical Islamist will be free to take over (they still being strong men).  The emasculated men won’t be able to fight back.  Women will again be oppressed and sexualized, sharing one man between four or more women, not allowed out unless fully covered, not allowed to drive or talk to other men.  That’s certainly not what I want, is it what you as a woman want?

It’s long past time for people to wake up to these realities and stop being all about the “self.”  Stop closing their minds to other opinions and come together for critical thinking.  Think beyond the gratification of the next moment to the future of everyone’s lives.  Stop focusing on one issue and begin to consider how everything has an effect on everything else.  Don’t tell me because a person has an opinion against abortion that they are waging a war on women either; that’s a subject for another day.

I’m not waging a war on women, I’m waging a war -for- women.


Asa  Jay

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