If I were elected President of the United States of America, I pledge that all Presidential appointments made during Congressional breaks shall be temporary pending the return of Congress and their approval.

This maintains the system of checks and balances outlined in our Constitution.  Even in my best judgment, I still could have made a mistake in an appointment.  A man (or woman) who is President is not omniscient, they can’t know everything.  We all make bad decisions sometimes.  The decisions I make will be in my best judgment with the recognition there may be other more qualified people to do the job and I will rely on Congress to make that more-informed decision.  If an appointment can wait until Congress is back in session, then it will wait; I have no desire to create an image of making self-serving appointments taking advantage of a Congressional recess.  Therefore, if Congress doesn’t approve of an appointment I made during a Congressional recess, the person I appointed will be relieved of those duties and Congress must fill the position according to law.

It may be unfortunate a person who was appointed during recess loses the job I appointed them to; however, it’s in the best interest of the country.  I shall make no promise that any job is permanent.  Each job filled via a Presidential Appointment should be considered temporary pending the approval of Congress.  I will not make an effort to advance a political agenda through the appointment of unqualified individuals or people of little integrity or loyalty to the tenants of the Constitution.  I will not make appointments as favors in return for working on my campaign or being a significant donor unless that person can prove to me (and my advisers) they are fully qualified and have a background of loyalty and integrity toward upholding the Constitution as it protects the individuals of the country.  Part of that qualification shall be a willingness to work -not- for power or pay, but for advancing the liberty of the people.

Having worked in the real world, not being a politician, I would lean toward making appointments or recommending people who had already been working within the organization the appointment was being made for.  I realize the best qualified person for a job may be the person who is already training for that job; working under the person leaving.  I pledge my recommendations and appointments would not be arbitrary in as much as it is possible to discern the qualifications of a person both within and outside an organization.

Above all, I intend to uphold the Constitutional system of checks and balances by not presenting an air of king-like Presidential power.

Save the taxpayers money, reduce the deficit.
Asa Jay for President

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