If I were elected President of the United States of America, I pledge to carry a fiream, full time.

I will illustrate and exercise the right all American’s should have; to reasonably carry a firearm either openly or concealed as they wish.  I will continue to put trust in the Secret Service for my personal protection as it can be managed by them.  However, my position on carry will be to illustrate to the nation it is a Constitutionally protected right to bear arms.  The message I want to send to the nation is that carrying a gun is not something to be afraid of nor should it be compulsory; however, it should be respected.  Just as one person might like working at the local Humane Society shelter for animals and another would rather adopt babies from overseas, the idea of carrying firearms as a sign of loyalty to the Constitution and the people of the United States of America should be met with equal respect.

I will not consider or entertain any reductions to present law with respect to types of firearms, magazine capacities, styling accoutrements or eligibility for ownership.  I will encourage the gun industry to be responsible in it’s offerings; to be self-regulating and provide safe education, training and assistance to the public and individual citizens.  I would expect police departments to enforce the laws we have; taking pains to both educate individuals and take reasonable steps to incarcerate those who break the law.  I would ask they approach individuals with reasonable care; without heavy- handed thuggery.  The more we can educate the individual to take responsibility for themselves and to have respect for others, the less problem guns will be.  I should also point out it should not be a respect of “power” or “intimidation” just because someone carries a gun; it should be respect for someone who is willing to defend the Constitution, a respect for someone willing to defend fellow citizens and individuals, a respect that others may be willing to do what they can within the limits of the law before the police can be there.

Do we have a criminal problem with respect to guns?  Yes, and we already have laws designed to address that.  Short of assigning one police officer to every citizen, there is no way to ensure total safety from guns for any individual.  Even in the case of being able to assign one police officer to every citizen, police officers too are sometimes swayed by evil.  Many would say the only solution is to remove all guns from society.  But the United States of America is -not- an isolated society.  When guns are removed from the citizens here, evil men in other countries will still have guns; they will find ways to bring their guns here and exact the evil of men upon us.  Guns aren’t the problem, evil is.

Look at the evil found in the heart of the Nazis who systematically disarmed and exterminated millions of people, mostly targeting Jews.  I find it a shame we no longer seem to educate young people about this travesty of history, reminding them of the inhumanity and encouraging them to uphold human dignity and values; to believe in protecting human life.  The young of this nation need to see the photos, they need to see the films, they need to understand the pain of those who survived.  The evil most in this country see today and wish to thrust upon the stage of gun control debate takes place close to home; we -must- change the school protection paradigm.

There was a day when a teenager bringing a small caliber rifle to school was the norm.  It wasn’t unusual for friends to go “plinking” after school.  It seemed to be an age when young men had respect for both the firearm and the individual.  Today much of society glorifies the evil use of guns in movies, TV shows and video games, and further demonizes them in our public places.  It is because of the evil glorification of guns that society has created a stigma against them.  It is because of the overwhelming desensitization the film, TV and game industries have caused toward guns that young people end up shooting up their schools; part rebellion, part anger, part discovering what is so taboo.  It is an evil stigma on the part of over-protective parents that raise “Gun Free Zone” signs at our schools.  A small metal sign with the silhouette of a gun and the universal symbol for NO is a thin cloak of silk on our children against the moth of brass and lead.  Why not just raise a sign that says “Open Murder Zone” instead?

Yes, that sounds callous, but it’s the reality.  If a burglar knows a home is unprotected, they know it’s an easy target.  If a thief knows a car is unlocked, it’s an easy target.  Burglars, thieves, felons and any other person wishing to exact evil upon others, don’t obey laws.  Why in heaven’s name do people think evil will see the “Gun Free Zone” sign at the school, stop and say to themselves “darn… I guess I should go somewhere else to murder people.”

Wake-up, that doesn’t happen; what the evil sees is a sign saying “Try for High Score before the police show up, nobody else will shoot back… there aren’t any guns!”  If evil wishes to exact murder upon us, it will do so in an area least protected.  HELLO!  GUN FREE ZONE!  Hiding in closets, calling 911 and waiting what could be several minutes before police show up is unacceptable to the survival of this countries schoolchildren being murdered with firearms -at- school.  Force of that nature must be met with equal force.

I support armed individuals in schools, be they hired security people, armed teachers and administrators, or parents.  As a law-abiding citizen who wishes to uphold the tenants of the Constitution, and as a parent of a school age child, I should be allowed to carry a sidearm into school in a reasonable fashion, with teachers and administrators aware of my character; feeling perfectly safe in the knowledge I am the kind of person who would take down the evil that has become all too often perpetrated upon our children.  Individuals need to become comfortable with others carrying firearms and -not- be so paranoid that any person who carries is out to do harm.  In the history of this country, it is the individual willing to die by the sword who has secured the liberties of our generation; it is our duty to secure the future of those generations who follow.  We can’t do that by cowering in a corner because a six year old is pointing at us with a finger and going “bang!”

Honestly, kids can’t play cops and robbers anymore; they can’t play war; they can’t play any game that might be construed as threatening to other kids.  Don’t you think this is having an affect on our future police force and military?  Don’t you think this is making our kids fearful of anyone who carries a gun, including police officers?  Don’t you think the idea that guns are “bad” will reduce the number of qualified applicants to be police officers?  Do you think the evil kids won’t notice, take advantage of the perceived weakness and use guns to their own advantage over others?  Wake-up, it’s already happening.  More and more police agencies across the United States of America are having to relax the qualifications necessary to become police.  In some places they are lowering it to a point of hiring men and women who have previously been incarcerated or have “small” or “insignificant” criminal histories.  Excuse me?  Are we devolving into a nation that builds its police force from criminals?  Does anyone else see a problem here?

It would be my intent to embark on educating the public and admonishing Hollywood and the game industry to be more responsible with respect to the proper representation of guns and law abiding citizens.  It would be my intent to educate the public on the Constitutional premise of the second amendment; to remind the individual that government is beholden to them and if our government becomes too powerful, has removed our liberties and strayed from the relationship with its creator, it is the -duty- of the citizens to put it right.  That power is granted in the second amendment.

I will continue to have an open mind and listen to reasonable arguments from reasonable people with regard to gun legislation, but I will not compromise the tenants of the second amendment or the rights of individuals to protect and defend themselves, others or the Constitution of the United States of America.

Save the taxpayers money, reduce the deficit.
Asa Jay for President

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