If I were elected President of the United States of America, I pledge to lobby for the enforcement of current immigration laws and further, to reduce immigration until the living wage has recovered.

If every  20 years Congress grants amnesty to illegals, it only gives illegals more encouragement to break our laws and take advantage of handouts by coming here unlawfully.  I wouldn’t expect a seek and remove plan, but rather an enforcement of basic laws we already have.

I would hold departments such as the Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration and Federal Welfare programs accountable; no more granting Taxpayer Identification Numbers to illegals, no more free food, no more free health care, no more free money, period.  It’s not a matter of them paying taxes, contributing to our economy or not, it’s a matter of them being here illegally; breaking our laws.  In these cases, the Federal government should provide an easy and fast method to repatriate illegals to their country of origin.

Ann Coulter recently wrote how the influx of illegals is what keeps our minimum wage low.  I think she’s right, it would appear the historical context bears that out; she makes a good argument.  As she points out, other countries with higher minimum wages also enjoy extremely strict immigration; you can’t just waltz into their country and ask for a job, or a handout.  Why can you do that here?

Illegal aliens get benefits here, because the bleeding heart liberals of this nation believe we should welcome anyone to our country, no matter how little they might contribute or how much they may tap from the taxpayers.  I believe many of those liberals are totally open to having illegals here, but would draw the line at taking them into their own home, feeding them day after day, providing health care to them and essentially paying for illegals to stay in their home; it’s all good as long as somebody else takes care of it.  This is honestly where charity needs to step in.

Charitable organizations have been supplying the needs of people for generations.  If people are so keen on hosting illegals, then charities should be the ones to do it.  Charities should be the ones who help the illegals find legal means to stay here.  Charities should take on the burden of feeding, housing and paying for illegals, because it’s honestly not the government’s job.  Oh, but we sure do need those illegal immigrants to work for us to keep prices down don’t we.

Yes, we all enjoy low prices for food and other goods but that’s because wages are so low; because we can get illegal aliens to work for next to nothing.  Stop immigration, and the supply of workers goes down, the cost of labor goes up and consequently so will the cost of food.  Shocking, and not something most people would want to do; most of us like getting free stuff or paying as little as we can, whenever we can.  Oh but wait….

The bleeding hearts want to raise the minimum wage.  Alright, so does that apply too all the illegals too?  Of course it does, they already find ways to cheat the system to get a Social Security ID, or taxpayer identification number.  That’s all they need to get a minimum wage job.  So now the cost of your groceries just went up anyway but so did your taxes to pay for the benefits being handed out to those illegal aliens; maybe some of your friends also became unemployed because their employer couldn’t absorb the cost of raising wages.  Yes sir, it sure sounds like letting illegal immigrants to work here -and- raising the minimum wage will make life easier on the rest of us.

I really think Ann hit this one on the head.  We have to stop illegal immigration and re-address reasonable immigration reform that benefits our country, not so much the warm-fuzzy of the illegal alien.

I think it’s reasonable to lobby for changes to existing foreign worker programs that make sense and do not create an illusion of citizenship where there is none.  Like the old Green Card program; you have a temporary worker pass that allows you to be here and work for less than minimum wage for a restricted period of time; if you don’t have one, you get to go home, back to your own country.  Workers can rotate in and out of the country every few months, perhaps quarterly or semi-annually.  That’s all they get though, a small window of work time and then they have to go home and wait for the next window.

I would also lobby that Federal funding be denied to any state of the union found engaging in practices that provide monetary public services to illegal immigrants, such as free health care, housing assistance, food stamps, and the like .  If a state wishes to provide those services, it’s really up to them; if they do they won’t get any Federal money for -anything-.  There should be no free ride for illegal aliens in America.  An illegal alien should be given no more consideration than a bank robber.  Both break the law, treat them equally; get the illegal alien out of our country.

Let’s put our attention back on those who are working their rears off, who have gone through the proper channels and are here -legally- making their way toward citizenship.  They are the ones who deserve our thanks.

Save the taxpayers money, reduce the deficit.
Asa Jay for President

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