If I were elected President of the United States of America, I pledge to be there when our dead soldiers arrive back in the United States of America.

There is no greater sacrifice than our countries sons and daughters who volunteered for the military and gave their life in defense of the Constitution, our freedoms and our liberties.  I can’t promise to be there for every arrival due to other obligations of the office, but I pledge to do my best to be there and will -not- for any reason miss one due to vacation, unlike our current sitting resident of the White House.  In the most recent news, Russia has exercised it’s might in the Crimea region of the Ukraine; people are worried this might lead to another cold war, and our President is making plans for -another- vacation.  Really?  I guess it’s cool to let the country go to hell while you trot off to play even more golf.  Nevermind the number of soldiers killed in overseas actions has doubled on your watch and you conveniently hide the facts.  Do you ever go to Dover to meet the dead soldiers?

These members of our volunteer military deserve our respect and the right kind of President shouldn’t be ashamed of shedding a tear if necessary on behalf of the families in the U.S.A who are thankful for their sacrifice.  I pledge to be that President, the one who understands the strength of our military is what keeps us free; the kind of President who understands the sacrifice; doesn’t relish the idea of putting our sons and daughters into harms way but knows it’s importance and one who is willing to thank them for their sacrifice in meaningful ways.  I pledge to refrain from patronizing the military; to refrain from firing generals who don’t necessarily see things “my” way as long as they fulfilled the obligation of upholding the Constitution.

We’ve all lost friends, neighbors, family, but the loss of someone you know who served in the military takes on greater meaning for those who truly understand the sacrifice and reasons for service.  Yes, there are those people who think every soldiers life taken has been a waste, but those people don’t truly understand the freedom for which they fight; the reason that person joined the military.  The loss of a military member is painful not only for their family and friends but to us as a nation as well.  The President should be the first to acknowledge that and should be there when our dead soldiers come home from any overseas mission.

Respect for those who respect the Constitution.
Asa Jay for President



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