If I were elected President of the United States of America, I pledge to sign no bill I couldn’t read.

Send me a 1,000 page bill and I’ll veto it on the spot.  I’m not going to waste taxpayer’s time reading a pork-stuffed bill that should be meant for one thing and one thing only.  Send me a 300 page bill and you might have my sympathy if I can get through it in a few days, but it will need to be read before I sign it.  Simplicity is key here, the fewer words the better.  Don’t try to sneak through your pet project inside another bill that has nothing to do with the essence of what the people want; I won’t sign it, period.

After being presented with such an onerous bill, I’m torn on my next actions.  Should I admonish the Congressional leaders in private, or shame them in public?  The better leader would of course admonish them in private, pointing out the malfeasance present and asking them to do a better job on behalf of the individuals they represent.  But I also look at the situation we have today where it’s one party against the other, each blaming the other for the failures of them both.  Perhaps it’s better to hold them both accountable in a public shaming.

Perhaps it’s better to hold a press conference on why I didn’t sign the bill.  If that’s the path I believe pertinent, I will invite both the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader to stand with me while speaking to the press.  I will explain to the people how Congress sent a 1,000 page bill for me to read when those same congress people possibly haven’t read it.  I would point out how this is malfeasance on the part of Congress.  I would heap shame upon them for not being sensitive to transparency; for not informing the public properly and for trying to railroad legislation.  I would give each Leader three minutes to respond and then  I would encourage the voter base, the individuals, to contact their Congress people and ask for an accounting of their actions.

I’m of course terribly afraid this would alienate me from Congress, but I firmly believe we as a nation have tried our best to remove shame from the public consciousness.  It’s time for shame to return.

Save the taxpayers money, reduce the deficit.
Asa Jay for President

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