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If I were elected President of the United States of America, I pledge to be there when our dead soldiers arrive back in the United States of America.

There is no greater sacrifice than our countries sons and daughters who volunteered for the military and gave their life in defense of the Constitution, our freedoms and our liberties.  I can’t promise to be there for every arrival due to other obligations of the office, but I pledge to do my best to be there and will -not- for any reason miss one due to vacation, unlike our current sitting resident of the White House.  In the most recent news, Russia has exercised it’s might in the Crimea region of the Ukraine; people are worried this might lead to another cold war, and our President is making plans for -another- vacation.  Really?  I guess it’s cool to let the country go to hell while you trot off to play even more golf.  Nevermind the number of soldiers killed in overseas actions has doubled on your watch and you conveniently hide the facts.  Do you ever go to Dover to meet the dead soldiers?

These members of our volunteer military deserve our respect and the right kind of President shouldn’t be ashamed of shedding a tear if necessary on behalf of the families in the U.S.A who are thankful for their sacrifice.  I pledge to be that President, the one who understands the strength of our military is what keeps us free; the kind of President who understands the sacrifice; doesn’t relish the idea of putting our sons and daughters into harms way but knows it’s importance and one who is willing to thank them for their sacrifice in meaningful ways.  I pledge to refrain from patronizing the military; to refrain from firing generals who don’t necessarily see things “my” way as long as they fulfilled the obligation of upholding the Constitution.

We’ve all lost friends, neighbors, family, but the loss of someone you know who served in the military takes on greater meaning for those who truly understand the sacrifice and reasons for service.  Yes, there are those people who think every soldiers life taken has been a waste, but those people don’t truly understand the freedom for which they fight; the reason that person joined the military.  The loss of a military member is painful not only for their family and friends but to us as a nation as well.  The President should be the first to acknowledge that and should be there when our dead soldiers come home from any overseas mission.

Respect for those who respect the Constitution.
Asa Jay for President



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If I were elected President of the United States of America, I pledge to sign no bill I couldn’t read.

Send me a 1,000 page bill and I’ll veto it on the spot.  I’m not going to waste taxpayer’s time reading a pork-stuffed bill that should be meant for one thing and one thing only.  Send me a 300 page bill and you might have my sympathy if I can get through it in a few days, but it will need to be read before I sign it.  Simplicity is key here, the fewer words the better.  Don’t try to sneak through your pet project inside another bill that has nothing to do with the essence of what the people want; I won’t sign it, period.

After being presented with such an onerous bill, I’m torn on my next actions.  Should I admonish the Congressional leaders in private, or shame them in public?  The better leader would of course admonish them in private, pointing out the malfeasance present and asking them to do a better job on behalf of the individuals they represent.  But I also look at the situation we have today where it’s one party against the other, each blaming the other for the failures of them both.  Perhaps it’s better to hold them both accountable in a public shaming.

Perhaps it’s better to hold a press conference on why I didn’t sign the bill.  If that’s the path I believe pertinent, I will invite both the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader to stand with me while speaking to the press.  I will explain to the people how Congress sent a 1,000 page bill for me to read when those same congress people possibly haven’t read it.  I would point out how this is malfeasance on the part of Congress.  I would heap shame upon them for not being sensitive to transparency; for not informing the public properly and for trying to railroad legislation.  I would give each Leader three minutes to respond and then  I would encourage the voter base, the individuals, to contact their Congress people and ask for an accounting of their actions.

I’m of course terribly afraid this would alienate me from Congress, but I firmly believe we as a nation have tried our best to remove shame from the public consciousness.  It’s time for shame to return.

Save the taxpayers money, reduce the deficit.
Asa Jay for President

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If I were elected President of the United States of America, I pledge to:

  • review and eliminate (repeal) all prior Executive Orders that are no longer necessary
  • not create any Executive Order that increases the tax burden, raises the deficit or increases the budget
  • refrain from use of Executive Orders to create law

First, I don’t believe all Executive Orders are still valid and enforceable.  There are probably many that are extremely outdated and serve no purpose.  One of my biggest pet peeves with regard to laws, are those laws still on the books which are either null or no longer enforced and should be removed.  Being President, I would start with the elimination of Executive Orders no longer needed.  Without getting into deep research on the subject right now, I believe there are Executive Orders still in affect which should be repealed.  Some might argue those Executive Orders are necessary from prior administrations; orders that have established certain agencies within government to serve the people or some such purpose.  If that were the case, then Congress should have acted by now to establish laws behind the intent of the President who initiated the Executive Order in the first place.

I want to get back to basics; good easy to understand Constitutional values, not end-runs around Congress that impose one man’s (or woman’s) will on a country by trying to make law.  It is not the job of the President to micro-manage legislation or change agenda’s mid-stream by use of executive action that undermines the legislative or judicial process.  Even so, I think there may be times when executive action might be needed, but it also needs to be tempered properly with some consensus and a press for legislation that backs it.

Next, there is no reason to create Executive Orders that increase the tax burden, or by its execution raise the deficit or budget.  This is taxpayer money we are talking about here, not some magic currency created by fairy tale characters.  The House of Representatives should be the entity that proposes any kind of monetary burden increases on the people; it should -never- be done through Executive Order.  I couldn’t readily say if any other President has signed Executive Orders that increase the taxpayer burden, but this is certainly a position the President should take, to -not- increase the burden on the individual. Read the rest of this entry »

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If I were elected President of the United States of America, I pledge that all Presidential appointments made during Congressional breaks shall be temporary pending the return of Congress and their approval.

This maintains the system of checks and balances outlined in our Constitution.  Even in my best judgment, I still could have made a mistake in an appointment.  A man (or woman) who is President is not omniscient, they can’t know everything.  We all make bad decisions sometimes.  The decisions I make will be in my best judgment with the recognition there may be other more qualified people to do the job and I will rely on Congress to make that more-informed decision.  If an appointment can wait until Congress is back in session, then it will wait; I have no desire to create an image of making self-serving appointments taking advantage of a Congressional recess.  Therefore, if Congress doesn’t approve of an appointment I made during a Congressional recess, the person I appointed will be relieved of those duties and Congress must fill the position according to law.

It may be unfortunate a person who was appointed during recess loses the job I appointed them to; however, it’s in the best interest of the country.  I shall make no promise that any job is permanent.  Each job filled via a Presidential Appointment should be considered temporary pending the approval of Congress.  I will not make an effort to advance a political agenda through the appointment of unqualified individuals or people of little integrity or loyalty to the tenants of the Constitution.  I will not make appointments as favors in return for working on my campaign or being a significant donor unless that person can prove to me (and my advisers) they are fully qualified and have a background of loyalty and integrity toward upholding the Constitution as it protects the individuals of the country.  Part of that qualification shall be a willingness to work -not- for power or pay, but for advancing the liberty of the people.

Having worked in the real world, not being a politician, I would lean toward making appointments or recommending people who had already been working within the organization the appointment was being made for.  I realize the best qualified person for a job may be the person who is already training for that job; working under the person leaving.  I pledge my recommendations and appointments would not be arbitrary in as much as it is possible to discern the qualifications of a person both within and outside an organization.

Above all, I intend to uphold the Constitutional system of checks and balances by not presenting an air of king-like Presidential power.

Save the taxpayers money, reduce the deficit.
Asa Jay for President

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This dissertation is going to sound disjointed.  There are some statements that will be taken out of context, mostly because I don’t want to spend the time building context for each of them as they may be tangential to the argument I’m making here and distract me.  My apologies.  Perhaps I can expound upon those things later.  For now, this is simply how the ramblings are pouring out of my head.

I am so tired of generally being a Constitutional conservative and “labeled” as waging a war on women.  Really?  I’m being told by those liberal fascists on the left that my political views include believing every woman should be in the home, happily married and bearing children while running around barefoot and constantly pregnant; that no woman should work and heaven forbid they shouldn’t be paid the same as men.  I’m told my views includes wanting women out of the military, out of Congress, and that only men should have a say if a woman can have an abortion or not.  I’m labeled as believing women are only to be subservient to men.

When those same “labelers” hear a man say they “love women,” those “labelers” hear “I love women, I think every man should own one.”  I just want to scream SHUT THE HELL UP, because they seem to have an irrational concept of reality on this subject, being taken in by repeated lies and propaganda that would paint me as a devil.  Perhaps it’s time I clarified myself for my own sake and the women I happily work with, work for, live with and believe in.

There are forces in society that would work to reshape the world in their own vision given the opportunity to change the dialogue even if that dialogue were untrue.  This includes people who wish to suppress my voice simply because they don’t agree with me.  It’s an interesting paradigm where one person believes everyone should have the right to speak out… unless the view doesn’t align with their own.  That is nearly the exact thing I perceive the greater “feminist” movement to have stirred.

Do I believe a women’s movement was necessary?  In some ways yes, I believe the voice of women was suppressed and needing to be heard.  But what feminism has grown into is not what many women need and in many ways may be hurting the entire equalization of the sexes.  Today, a feminist can be verbally abusive to another woman who has more desire to stay at home and raise children rather than work a 50 hour week and be the primary bread winner.  Is that really necessary? Read the rest of this entry »

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